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Applying the Pilates method, classes at Synchronised Movement are suitable for anyone who wants to begin or develop their Pilates. At Synchronised Movement we encourage you to work mindfully with your body and breath – to move toward a synchronised you!

Everyone is invited to do Pilates in the way that will best suit them with our teacher’s guidance and appropriate variations as required. Pilates is suitable for all ages and levels of physical fitness from the athletic to the aged. Synchronised Movement welcomes you, however you are and whatever your Pilates goals may be.

Synchronised Movement offers group mat Pilates classes and Pilates studio sessions.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a process of physical exercises designed by Joseph Pilates to condition the whole body, mind and breath capacity. In Pilates, optimal physical and mental health are seen as essential for acquiring and maintaining a healthy body. With Pilates, quality of movement is more important than quantity, so every movement is performed with great focus to detail and particular attention to alignment. Pilates is especially suitable to address postural habits and poor alignment, and can be practiced with either specialised equipment or on a mat with props.

About Joseph Pilates

Joseph Pilates (1880-1967) was born in Germany. As a child, Pilates suffered from illness including asthma, and sought to improve his health. He explored Yoga and eventually developed his ‘Contrology’ program of exercise.

Pilates’ method was designed to help correct muscular imbalances and improve posture, co-ordination, balance, strength and flexibility by means of controlled movement and increased breathing capacity and overall physiological wellbeing.

Pilates also invented a variety of machines based on spring resistance to assist and resist movement according to need. At Synchronised Movement we use some of these machines in our Pilates studio sessions.

In 1912, Pilates moved to England and became a professional boxer and was later interned during WWI where he taught wrestling and self-defence. After the war, he returned to Germany and emigrated to the USA in 1923. During the voyage to America, Pilates met his wife Clara and together they opened up a fitness studio in New York which attracted many dance professionals. By the 1960’s, their style of exercise became ‘Pilates’.

After ten sessions you will feel better, after twenty sessions you will look better, after thirty sessions you will have a new body!

Joseph Pilates

Pilates as a Mindful Practice

Pilates is practised mindfully. This means that when you bring yourself to Pilates, you are ready to commit to the exercise with your full attention.

On certain days you may find you have difficulty focussing on the Pilates breath or movement, you don’t feel synchronised! On other days you will find you are able to stay focussed and be more aware of your movement and you begin to notice the changes in how you move and feel. With time, practice and commitment, the benefits become more apparent and you may begin to notice a more synchronised version of yourself more often.

Pilates at Synchronised Movement

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