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Applying traditional and modern Yoga teaching, classes at Synchronised Movement are suitable for anyone who wants to begin or progress their Yoga. At Synchronised Movement we encourage you to genuinely connect with your body and your whole being – to move toward a synchronised you!

Everyone is invited to do Yoga at their own pace with teacher guidance and appropriate modifications as required. In some ways, Yoga may be initially challenging for some people, as the postures or movement or breathwork may not be what you are used to in daily life. Synchronised Movement welcomes you, however you are and whatever your Yoga intentions may be.

Synchronised Movement offers group Yoga classes.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a term that describes a framework of ancient practices which are intended to unify all aspects of a person’s being – the physical, energetic, emotional and mental, with the ultimate goal of harmony or ‘union’. The word Yoga is often translated as ‘union’ or ‘yoke’. The many and varied practices of Yoga work together to enhance the connection of a person to your whole self, reveal habits and enhance your potential.

Yoga practice and practices

A ‘Yoga practice’ is what you will do on the mat at Synchronised Movement or yourself at home. In a Yoga practice, we move the body in all directions – forwards, backwards, inwards, outwards, upwards, downwards, sideways, diagonals and twists. We stretch, hold, balance, and pause.

We lie on our backs and stomachs and sometimes our sides. We kneel and stand, lunge, squat, sit and turn as we work through different Yoga movements and poses. We try to keep our spines tall to improve our posture, align our joints, and activate our core to help our organs function and our bodies be well. We focus on the breath as a bridge to soothe the mind, and practice Yoga stillness as a means of experiencing ourselves as we are.

‘Yoga practices’ refers to the range of skills and techniques developed by the ancient Yoga practitioners and refined by Yoga teachers ever since. These include guidelines for ethical behaviour (personal and interpersonal), cleanses for the body, breathwork and movement, positions for the body (Asana) and hands (Mudras) for postures or meditation, as well as a range of focussing experiences for concentration and meditation, to help achieve overall integration and harmony.

Yoga is not an ancient myth buried in oblivion. It is the most valuable inheritance of the present. It is the essential need of today and the culture of tomorrow.

Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Yoga as a Mindful Practice

Yoga is practised mindfully. This means that when you bring yourself to your Yoga mat, you have taken the first step of tuning into yourself.

On certain days you may find your mind has difficulty focussing on the Yoga breathing or movement, you don’t feel synchronised! On other days you will find you are able to stay focussed on the present and awareness of your movement and the sensations within you feel natural and connected. With time and practice this connection does become more accessible and you may begin to notice a more synchronised version of yourself more often.

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Yoga at Synchronised Movement

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